Tespo Consumer Products Commercial and Industrial Co.

Tespo is the pioneer of the Cash&Carry system, which is very common in Europe and America in Turkey. Tespo offers price advantages of wholesale shopping to customers such as hotels, grocery stores, supermarkets, industrial facilities and private businesses having tax identification numbers and Tespo cards.

The central office of our company is in İzmir and there are shops raging in a wide geography from İstanbul to Alanya.

In order to fully reflect the advantages of wholesale shopping to our customers, there are further discounts for many of the products for purchases in parcels. TESPO, by means of published promotional brochures, announces its campaigns regularly to the registered customers. You can find the detailed information at www.tespo.com.tr

Head Office Contact Information :
Adress :
Zafer Mah. Atatürk Cad. No:184
Kaynaklar - Buca /İZMİR
Phone : (232) 355 90 70 ( pbx )
Fax : (232) 355 90 71
E-mail : info@tespo.com.tr
Web : www.tespo.com.tr