Our Founder Ahmet Hamdi Ayker, was born in Sivrihisar, Eskişehir in 1900. He joined the war of independence as a reserve officer and after the war in 1922 settled in Izmir. With savings from his small salary as a soldier, he opened a grocery store in Buca – Kızılçullu and thus he went in to trade business.

        In 1926 our precious senior, whom we remember with respect, moved – to a larger store in Anafartalar Street with the idea of developing his business. Just as planned, evaluating the market conditions of the day successfully, he diverted his business to food and supply wholesale.

Major milestones until today:


For the first time in Izmir, he takes orders from customers and begins wholesale service delivery to addresses.


Raising his children in the business media in order to make them more experienced, in 1956 he takes the first step in institutionalization and gives its first name to the family company which recently added the fourth generation into its body:

Ahmet Hamdi Ayker and His Sons General Partnership. (Ahmet Hamdi Ayker ve Oğulları Kollektif Şirketi).


Being the second in Turkey after Turkish highways (Devlet Karayolları ) and the first in private sector, IBM unit computer system is rented from abroad and movements of goods, customers and invoices are traced over the system.


In line with the requirements determined in the development process of the company, a new Sales and Distribution center is put into service in Bornova. With the new center which had a very modern architecture and equipment compared to the conditions of the day, sectoral innovations were detected and tracked storage system put into use.


Our company which was founded in 1922 incorporate Aytaş A.Ş. in 1982 and Aytaş A.Ş. proceeds as the distributor of the leading national and international brands.


In 1985, the relations with IBM is carried to a different level and Ayker Computer Industry and Trade Corp. is established and benefiting from the experiences of IBM computers, it starts selling Ayker Commercial Packages to 700 companies all over Turkey.


Parallel with the growing matt of non-household consumption, Tespo A.Ş. is established to serve in important tourism centers. So the market meets Cash and Carry system for the first time in our country. Tespo opens its first store in Marmaris keeps increasing the number of its stores. In 1989 the use of barcode systems starts in Marmaris Tespo again being the first in Turkey.


In accordance with its growing capacity Aytaş moves to its new storage and distribution center which is built by using the facilities of advanced technology and which has a 10.000 m2 closed area in Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (AOSB).


In accordance with the developing internet trade, Adepo Internet Commerce Corp. which offers service both to consumers and to institutions is established.


Aiming to be at the ends of the main artery of Izmir’s transportation, in addition to Çiğli Logistic Operation Center, Aytaş puts in place the newly built Kaynaklar Central Operation Center having a closed area of approximately 12.000 m2