Aytaş is realizing sales and distribution services for the Aegean Region from two distribution centers in İzmir, Kaynaklar and Çiğli, and from its regional warehouse, which is located in the centre of Denizli.

    There are isolated divisions and loading-unloading platforms in our warehouses; 24 in Kaynaklar Center and 14 in Çiğli Central warehouse. Once again, in a single shift, monthly loading-unloading capacity of Kaynaklar Central Warehouse is 16.000 tons, as of Çiğli Warehouse’s is 12.000 tons.

    Our Kaynaklar Center is providing logistic services to the leading brands of food and consumer goods that we have been distributing, while our Çiğli Center, as a logistic operation center for Nestle products, is serving Chain Stores and distributors with Nestle customers in a wide area including Çanakkale- Balıkesir- Bandırma, Uşak, and Isparta- Burdur- Antalya- Alanya lines.

    Always caring service quality that is focused on customer satisfaction, product checkout of temperature and humidity (+4, -18 ֯ C ) depending on the product group is realized both in storage and in shipment processes. Refrigerated delivery vehicles that are supervised with vehicle tracking system are equipped with data logger devices. On the other hand, logistic of fresh and frozen products are carried out with vehicles that have double regime and can carry products in a range of +4, -18 ֯ C  .

    All manipulations of our warehouses are done quickly with minimum error with the help of warehouse automation system and by means of industrial handheld terminals having readers of wireless networking solutions and barcodes. With warehouse automation, registering the products to the system correctly, collecting the right order, dispatching and delivering orders to our customers properly, and as a result, increasing the overall quality and efficiency is targeted.

    The leading brands with which we cooperate, take the advantage of the fact that the distribution centers of Aytaş work with modern storage systems whose computer infra-structure is established and with on-line ordering systems and that they are close to markets geographically. Those brands also benefit from these distribution centers for they are capable of reacting rapidly to orders and of realizing partial shipments. In so doing they prevent such brands from falling out of stock before their customers and thus ensure an increase in their sales.

    In our automation system based on supply chain management, pallet-based location descriptions of approximately 2500 items are described, and the number, packages, and parcel barcodes of the products are defined. Depending on the philosophy ‘a place for each product, each product in its own place’, the product whose storage address is determined automatically in receiving, saves time for fork-lift operators in placement. Similarly, with the help of locations mentioned in product collection lists, the application of discharging the product whose expiration date (FIFO) is the closest, is easily monitored.

    Supplying of our products, whose orders have been automatically prepared and sent to our suppliers, is made with barcode control and by this way, the control of right product- right amount is enabled. The same method is also applied to the acceptance of good and/or damaged product returns. All these actions occurring in all warehouses are recorded to our database of central computer system in real-time. As a result of these procedures performed in rigorous manners, in periodically performed bar-coded counts, great success is achieved on inventory accuracy.

    In order to satisfy our suppliers, whose responsibilities we undertake,  and to provide our customers the fastest, the most accurate and the most attentive service, all logistic and distribution processes are closely monitored and their quality/performance measurements are made continuously.

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