Izmir Center-Food (Kaynaklar Operational Center)

Organization of sales and distribution of Food (Kaynaklar) Operating in a wide field Aytaş serves 95 per cent of the market with its dynamic sales personnel whose responsibilities are determined with respect to their channels.

Through its modern sales automation system and the harmonic and fast work of the experienced staff of Customer Services Department and of Logistics Department, our company, aiming to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right amount, is able to ship the orders in one day, which are placed via portable computers possessed by every single member of the sales staff and received at the center from the region with internet connection. Another innovation is that, information which helps us in managing and developing our work such as our stock fluency, monthly targets and realizations and budget use is shared by our partners and suppliers in our web portal.

In the first half of 2011, our vehicle fleet for sales, delivery and distribution is incorporated into a vehicle track system thus a real vehicle management system is accomplished. Thanks to this system we are able to locate our vehicles on line on the internet; the quality of service, customer satisfaction and region route efficiency ensured; effort is made to decrease operating costs; distinctions are provided in areas such as personnel, vehicle and good security.