Since it was established in 1922, until present, Aytaş has always protected the values of its past and acted with social responsibility as its principle, towards its employees and the community in its business activities. Our corporate reputation is based on our conscientiousness about law abidingness, righteousness, fairness, dependability and transparency. Our employees are our most important resource and together with being modern, open-minded, dynamic, solution and productivity oriented, environmentally friendly and making no concessions on service quality, they form the cornerstones that guarantee our company’s future.

Our management criteria is setting a good example through our human force and our contributions towards our customers, suppliers, region and our country. We eliminate risks by our proactive management. We care to act rationally in our relationships without compromising our principles and focus on our business with all our energy. We know that critical thinking is the first step of progress and we encourage questions and suggestions for improvement. We utilize limited resources effectively and ensure the continuity of environmentally friendly implementations in terms of waste management, energy conservation, and productive use of water.

Within all our group companies, it is our principal to act in accordance with the ethical principles that we adopt towards the environment and the society we reside.


  • We respect human rights and freedom.
  • We operate our business on the basis of the applicable law, relevant regulations, politics and procedures.
  • All relationships of our company are based on the principles of honesty, equality and accuracy.
  • We act responsibly and sensibly towards the environment and society, and we aim to raise such awareness among the people we work together.
  • We stand against any activity that includes child labour.
  • We do not allow discrimination and prejudice concerning gender or any kind of disability.
  • We protect our company’s corporate resources and make use of its assets attentively and productively.
  • We support all our employees to act socially responsible and volunteer in proper activities.
  • We avoid conflict of interests and any form of behaviour that may lead to impression of conflict of interest.
  • We act with the conscious of knowing that our employees are our most precious assets and thus we approach them fairly and justly. We provide them with a secure, healthy, and peaceful work environment.


We consider that every person is unique, special and precious, we see our employees firstly as individuals and we treat them respectfully and responsively.

We regard our communication with our employees and we pursue a transparent policy. We give utmost priority to honesty, trust, credibility and professional ethics in our relationships

We expect from our employees to show respectable behaviours in their relations with our customers and suppliers as well as in their personal lives

We take precautions to enhance the work environment and provide a more productive work place for the happiness and commitment of our employees.

We regularly provide our employees with Work Health and Safety, hygiene and first aid trainings.

We make the necessary investments to avert any kind of safety hazard.

We expect our employees to perform their duties accurately and productively in rapport and cooperation with a careful and attentive manner at the right time.

We work in compliance with corporate rules and applications and we give the highest attention and care to the conservation of corporate information and documents.

We pay attention to corporate expenses and act consciously on the topics of savings and costs.

Continuous development is an inseparable part of our business. We care about lifelong education and we believe in the power of experience at work.

The behaviours and competency are as the same importance as the results we achieve and overall performance.

We support team work since we believe that success is permanent when it’s achieved as a team.


All our workings are based on customer satisfaction.

We respond to customer expectations promptly and try to offer impeccable service with new solutions.

We regard honesty, professionalism, trust and respect within our customer relations and we give importance to information confidentiality.

We avoid giving wrong, deficient and misleading information and comments to our customers.

We make the necessary evaluations on the feedback we receive and take action accordingly.

We try to reduce costs of customers by protecting their commercial interests.

We give maximum importance to our communication with our customers and we make them feel that we are always with them.